Aaron Johnson, a Royal Air Force pilot on a secret mission to Borneo during the Indonesian Confrontation in 1964, ended up loving and marrying a local girl. Decades later, a mild-mannered lawyer turned lobbyist, William Stewart, fell in love with Aaron’s daughter, Theresa. Being reputable and honest, both Aaron and William became devastated when they faced betrayal and deception. In the meantime, corruption and environmental destruction plagued this beautiful land, which they cherished so much. Aaron and William encountered surprises that changed the future forever.

Introducing the review

In March 2017, my novel, The Eurasians had been reviewed by Blueink Review. It was a mixed review and only later, I understood the weaknesses and the strength of my story. I wish to thank them (the reviewer) for this and now I have tips on how to write my next book.

Mixed Review

“However it is missing a clear definitive plot to drive the novel” was one of those negative feedback. It went on to say, “But despite such enhancements, the story lacks a powerful narrative arc.” In other words, my romance-thriller novel is unpredictable. So unpredictable that it cannot “Provide a spark that sustains audience interest and this failing will likely prove hard for readers to surmount.”

 But the review also mentioned, “Betrayals, deception, and corruption drive The Eurasians.” As you continue reading you will find, “This sprawling story shifts often from action scene to action scene, and the narrative perspective changes from chapter to chapter.” From these statements, I can conclude indeed this book is a page-turner.

As I said before; my story beginning with the first several chapters is rather flat. Nothing seems exciting to sustain readers’ interest. But if they are patient, they will discover the spark, and then; bang! Fireworks until the end! Here are those chapters that shift from action scene to action scene. 

The story

This is the first English romance-thriller novel from Borneo that mostly takes place in Malaysia since 1964. “In the book’s opening scene, British soldier Aaron Johnson is wounded while assisting Malaysian soldiers in battling Indonesian troops.

Elsewhere, Mei Ling decides to escape her dismal life of poverty to gamble, drink, and sleep around, renaming herself Elaine for her job as a night hostess in Sandakan. After Aaron meets Elaine, he decides to marry her. But his troubles begin immediately as Elaine continuously gambles away all the money Aaron makes.

Decades later, The Eurasians introduced another character, a mild-mannered lawyer, William Stewart. Two plots with different twists intertwined. Some readers felt uncomfortable with the emergence of so many characters, but many felt it added to the excitement.



The Eurasians by Don Peter is not only a historical, romance, and thriller novel, but also fit for the family-saga genre. From 1964, during the Indonesian Confrontation, to 1998, during the era of the Asian Financial Crisis, The Eurasians brought the stories of two Eurasian families.

The backdrop of this novel is historical, political, and environmental which help to summarize what Borneo is all about. Thus this book is also useful for people who want to know more about this enchanted island.