Ancient prophets had the key to benefit humanity. Jason Bryden, the archeologist, wanted to use the key to unite the Christian churches in the United States. Things went wrong, and they wanted Jason dead. A trail of death soon followed as Jason pursued this goal. The Viceroys of God, a story unrestricted by space and time. From the ancient world to faraway places, Jason sought the wisdom of how to use the key. The Viceroys of God are stories within a story that everyone knows but yet never told before!

Noah during the Neolithic Period

Have you ever wondered when the period Noah lived was? Is it a few generations after Abraham, who was the patriarch of the monotheistic faith, or much earlier than that? Did Noah carry every living animal in his ark or only a selected few? Did the flood cover the entire world; or only certain parts of the earth?

I think most of us heard this story of Noah and the flood many times told by our Jewish, Christian, and Muslim preachers. Almost all of them believed that God flooded the universe, and it was Noah who carried the new generation of humans in his ark while the deluge destroyed the rest of humanity since Adam.

Noah carried and saved every pair of animals that roamed the earth, tiny as a mouse and big ones like elephants, thus leaving behind none of these creatures. These fitted into an ark that most of us imagine being a colossal wooden ship.

Based on the bible, we roughly could estimate that Abraham lived somewhere during the Sumerian era, about 4000 years BC. However, we do not have a clear picture of why he moved from a civilized city and settled thousands of miles away in the wilderness of Canaan.

As mentioned earlier, Don Peter’s second book; a historical as well as a thriller novel, The Viceroys of God, are stories within a story. Readers will realize that most of these stories are very familiar, but yet, many people had never heard them before. My novel could be the actual piece of the puzzle that completes the mystery of the ancient world. Or it could just be a provoking imagination. I have completed my manuscript and edited it. I am hoping this book will be available by early 2021. I am still waiting for reviews before this book goes live in hardcover, softcover, and e-book format.