Aaron Johnson, a Royal Air Force pilot on a secret mission to Borneo during the Indonesian Confrontation in 1964, ended up loving and marrying a local girl. Decades later, a mild-mannered lawyer turned lobbyist, William Stewart, fell in love with Aaron’s daughter, Theresa. Being reputable and honest, both Aaron and William became devastated when they faced betrayal and deception. In the meantime, corruption and environmental destruction plagued this beautiful land, which they cherished so much. Aaron and William encountered surprises that changed their future forever.


The Eurasians are an absolute game-changer for readers who are trying to cope with disloyalty and wanting to grasp for a new perspective along with valuable life lessons. This book will give you so much hope by soothing your minds with a positive outlook when facing a difficult situation. Pain itself is isolating, but this book will remind you that not everything is permanent; there’s always a rainbow after the rain!

This book offers everything a reader is looking for: drama, romance, humor, and adventure! A book also touches the hard edges of marriage that none of us ever want to discuss. It’s not a book to help you salvage your troubled affairs or marriages. It’s the book that gives you a ray of light and hopes to end those unnecessary messes in your life.

This novel also talks about the Borneo environment, which is facing deterioration at alarming rates. Iconic species of wildlife, such as the orangutans, are facing extinction. Readers should be concerned because planet earth is like a small room packed with people; humid and hot. Then one person at the remote corner smoked a cigar. Soon, all the people inside this room will suffocate because of this one person smoking. The same thing with our precious planet; it is a collective responsibility of everybody to ensure Borneo’s environmental destruction stopped.

A romance and thriller novel, The Eurasians are available at Amazon.